Modern Digital Multimeters


Registered Design No.: 0011438. 1M002

Basic Functions Range Best Accuracy
DC Voltage 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V (0.8%+1)
AC Voltage 4V/40V/400V/750V (1%+5)
DC Current 400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A (1%+2)
AC Current 400mA/4000mA/40mA/400mA/4A/10A (1.5%+5)
Resistance 400W/4kW/40kW/400kW/4MW/40MW (1%+2)
Capacitance 40nF/400nF/4mF/40mF/100mF (3%+5)
Frequency 10Hz-10MHz (0.1%+3)
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%
Special Functions    
Fused 10A Range          
Auto Ranging          
Continuity Buzzer          
Relative Mode          
Data Hold          
Full Icon Display          
Low Battery Display          
Input Impedance for DC
Voltage Measurement
Around 10MW
Max Display 3999
Power 9V Battery (6F22)
LCD Size 63 x 31mm
Product Colour Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 340g
Product Size 177 x 85 x 40mm
Standard Accessories Test Lead, Battery, English Manual, Test Clip, RS232C Interface Cable, Software
Optional Accessories* Clip-On Test Lead Light (UT-TL), Built-In Test Lead Light (UT-L1), Built-In Test Lead Light Plus (UT-L2)
Standard Packing Gift Box
Standard Quantity Per Carton 40 pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 595 x 400 x 326mm (0.078 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Standard Carton Gross Weight 24.6kg

*Available at Extra Cost
Specifications and other information are subject to change without further notice.